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Junik, 51050 Decan, Kosovo


It lies on the left bank of the Erenik River and on the right of the Trava River, with an average height of 367-500 meters above the sea level.

Junik lies between the geographical latitude of 42.22 and geographical longitude of 20.26 degrees. This village is bordered by Voksh and Reka e Keqe villages, lying at the foot of the Albanian Alps. The highest peak of the Albanian Alps, Gjeravica, rises at the very source of Erenik River.

Junik is characterized by a mild continental climate combined with elements of the Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and dry. The average temperature is 21 ° C in July, and minus 11 ° C during the winter times (January). The spring waters streaming from the mountain ridges of the rocky basin of Erenik river, called Gropat e Erenikut, and the Albanian Alps constitute the surface water sources of Junik Village.